Ben & Paige

Congratulations on your engagement, and welcome to our site.

Beautiful and Elegant:  That's  how I describe our style of Wedding Photography.  We observe and capture all the emotion and unique details of your wedding day.   Beyond simply taking a picture, we step back and observe all the beauty and  art found all around us.  The beautiful bride in the Photo above is Paige.  

This image is a great example of beautiful and elegant.  This photo was taken with natural window light only, but you must be able to "see the light" to capture it properly, and that comes with experience.  

We have a passion for weddings, and we recognize just how important this day is.  And that is why you won't find anyone that will work harder for you to capture all those timeless special moments.

So years later when you are paging through your wedding album, you will remember  how it felt to feel  your wedding ring on your finger for the very first time!  You'll remember all the beautiful flowers, and how excited your parents were to watch the first dance with your husband.  

If you looking for wedding photographers, we would love the opportunity to capture the true natural beauty of your unique wedding.  

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