We often get asked what type of equipment we use and why.  Many of our clients are also photographers and I am always happy to offer advice and suggestions.  

Modern digital SLR cameras  are so good now  that it comes down to personal preference such as how does the  camera feel in your hands, and does the menu system seem intuitive.

My wife Mary Ann and I both prefer Nikon because they just feel right in our hands and we prefer Nikon's menu system,.   I also love Nikon's professional line of  lenses, they are incredible!  Would I say that Nikon is better than Canon?  Nope!  I have friends that feel the same way about their Canons as we do about our Nikons.  

The main thing to remember in all this is, that it really doesn't matter what camera you use as long as you know how to use it well.  There are photographic portraits hanging in museums that were shot on 6 mega pixel cameras, seriously.  In fact, most people cannot tell the difference between a 11 x 14 print shot with a 6 MP camera compared to the same print shot with a 24 MP camera.  

So here's a peek into our camera bag.  I only listed our portable equipment and did not include all the tripods, light stands, backdrops, light modifiers, etc, etc:


Nikon D3 Full Frame Sensor DSLR

Nikon D700 Full Frame Sensor DSLR

Nikon D300 APC Sensor

Nikon FM 35mm film

Nikon N90 35 mm film


Nikon 16 - 35 mm f 4

Nikon 24 - 70 mm f 2.8

Nikon 28 - 300 mm  f 3.5-5.6

Nikon 35 mm f 2.0

Nikon 50 mm f 1.4

Nikon 50 mm f 1.4 G

Nikon 70-200 mm f 2.8

Nikon 85 mm f 1.4

Nikon 105 mm f 2.8


Nikon SB910

Nikon SB900

Nikon SB800

Nikon SB600

Nikon SB600

Nikon SD-9 battery packs

Nikon SU-800 wireless transmitter

Radio Popper radio transmitters & receivers 

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